~The poet uses the butterfly net of language to catch fleeting images in mid-flight~

Tuesday, January 15, 2013



No Place Else to Go

Tiger, Tiger eyes burning bright
I ride your passion into the night.

Atop your back,
Hanging on to your skin,
Caught in the surging rhythm
Of the movement you’re in.
Now your passion becomes mine.
My cells explode in joy,
Effortless and smooth,
The animal and the boy.
Speeding through the forest
On this mystic, moonlit night,
Flashes of orange and black
Glow in iridescent light.
Melting into the shadows,
Consciousness becomes like butter.
Blur of blinding movement
As pads caress the Mother.
We move as one,
Streamlined and slunk so low.
Racing, spurting and leaping
With no place else to go.
Just movement for pure joy,
Our muscles flow in communion.
Happy at last in this body,
I am fulfilled in this reunion.

Who will speak for the wild nature?
The heritage of our cells?
While modern imperatives condition
Against sight and sound and smell.
You can touch upon that place
Where tigers and lions abound.
Is this what it takes
To bring the circle round?
Call it to you now
Put aside your shame
Evoke it in your soul.
Stand in the sunrise flame.
Heaven and Earth
Are one in this sacred place.
Our homecoming is
As we discover our grace.
Let it come
Let it flow
Movement, passion, freedom
The tiger’s precious glow.
Let us find upliftment
Through the ecstasy of earthly touch
With arms outstretched in gratitude
Is this asking for too much?

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  1. nicely done. some really nice imagery in this piece. Really like this. thanks